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The original hot yoga

Bikram Yoga Tri-Cities, LLC is now doing business as Infinite Wellness Clinic.

At Infinite Wellness Clinic we promote health, wellness, and healing.  We provide a pure Hatha Yoga sequence – Bikram’s Beginning Yoga – 26 postures + 2 breathing exercises done in a heated wellness room. Hatha yoga is a physical practice, including asanas (postures) pranayama (breathing exercises) to scientifically create balance and health within the body.

Disease = Biochemical imbalance in the body.
Yoga creates balance in the body.
Balance = Optimum health!

What’s right is what works!  Yoga has been proven to work for 5,000 years.  We dispense yoga – the natural medicine for the human body that will heal and protect you from disease.

If yoga were a pill, everyone would take it.  And unlike most pills, yoga has no harmful side effects. Yoga is all natural!

Stress is one the of the biggest problems we face today – not only does it ruin our quality of life, but it’s also the underlying cause of many serious health conditions.  Yoga is a natural proven remedy, for both mental and physical reactions to stress.  Each 90-minute session delivers total health through balancing and strengthening of every system in the body. With each session, one will have worked every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, organ, gland and nerve, while systematically moving oxygenated blood to 100% of the body.

There’s a time for talk and a time for action.  The good news is the time is now to begin healing your body – inside out, bones to skin, fingertips to toes – at Bikram Yoga Tri-Cities + Infinite Wellness Clinic!

Our Members Love Us

Great place. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced the staff treats you very well and is helpful. I highly recommend trying Bikram Yoga.

After 2 car accidents, hot yoga has helped me tremendously! Instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Bikram Yoga totally renewed my body. It aligned my spine, fixed my sore joints, I lost weight! I gained new muscle mass, long lean usable muscles with flexibility. The list goes on!

This is my happy place. Anyone can do it. Anyone. It’s cleansing, humbling, empowering. I sleep like a baby after practicing. If you haven’t tried it, you should. It’s addicting in the best way!

Studio Reservations Update

Dear Loyal Yogis: Beginning February 11th, we will no longer be requiring reservations nor taking reservations for specific numbered spots.  We will return to utilizing all four lines which will allow us to accommodate more yogis!  We still plan to have non...

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